our Philosophy

Summanera has a clear mission: to preserve the historical viticulture of Sicily.

The research and vinification work of the autochthonous varieties continues constantly with dedication.

The love for the land and respect for nature has pushed the company to adopt organic farming to produce authentic and valuable wines working side by side every day, and trying to respect the plants in the vineyard and the natural times of wine in the cellar.

Summanera produces territorial wines, elegant, capable of an expressive development as natural as possible, of great finesse and longevity.

"In life it takes a bit of luck, but a lot of will, only in this way the ideas go on"

Giovanni Anselmo


Son of a farmer, after a life of work as a building entrepreneur, he wanted to give himself a dream that from an early age had accompanied him, to become a wine producer.

He identified in this idea the possibility of realizing his desire and, after not a few troubles he succeeded. Enthusiasm, initiative and dynamism have always pushed him to get ahead in work as well as in life.

Francesco Di Giovanni


The son of an oenologist, he grew up dreaming of following in his father’s footsteps.

With this passion, since childhood he follows his father in the vineyard during the summer holidays, and then deepen the practice of books.

A degree in enology in Conegliano and some experience in Italy and abroad allow him to deal with different experts assimilating new visions.

"A great wine is born in the vineyard"

The harvest and vinification are carried out by hand, as the ancient local tradition


C.da Sparadrappo

Eager to discover other territories, they took the opportunity to settle in one of the most beautiful areas that the wine scene, and natural, had to offer: Mount Etna

After months of searching the territory to find the ideal land to produce a red wine at the height of the world’s greatest wines, the perfect place was located in the southern slope of the highest active volcano of the European continent, area with extraordinary vitinicolo potential.

The 43-year-old vines, raised in small trees, are located in C.da Sparadrappo, at the foot of the volcano at 700 s.l.m. and an exposure to the South/ South-West, which allows Nerello Mascalese to best express the refinement of this unique territory.

The local winegrowers have been cultivating these lands for centuries, adapting the cultivation techniques to the steep slopes of the mountain


Nerello Mascalese


Sud / Sud-Ovest


700 a.s.l.


C.da Vallefondi

It’s a beautiful 25-hectare estate purchased by Giovanni in 2015. of which 15 are dedicated to the organic cultivation of grapes in full respect for the environment and nature

Thanks to its extension the estate offers different exposures and microclimates and is particularly suitable for the cultivation of different vines.

A part of the vineyards are located in the hills, at an altitude ranging from 350 to 400 meters above sea level.

The numerous vineyards are managed by a group of historic growers, respecting the viticultural tradition of the territory.



Nero d'Avola





Sud / Sud-Ovest


350 - 400 a.s.l.


C.da Balletto

A family-run farm owned by Francesco’s family.

All the vineyards cultivated in organic regime are planted to Grillo and it extends for approximately 4 hectares, to 350 meters s.l.m. with exposure mainly to South-East.

The soil is basically sandy.

The sweet winters and the warm summers caressed by the cool wind create in the territory the perfect microclimate for the cultivation of grapes.






350 a.s.l.

The farm has 3 hectares of land cultivated with olive grove

In c.da Vallefondi we find a typical variety of olive grove in Western Sicily, or the Biancolilla.
In c.da Gianvicario, in the territory of San Cipirello, we find another variety, that is the Nocellara del Belice.

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